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    • JV, I saw you Sunday night with Bruce & the Noisemakers in Austin, TX, and what a beautiful noise it was!! I was right up front with my wife and daughter. I’ve seen many concerts in my 59 years, but none that I recall where the joy of the music was so contagious. What a great show, we loved it!! Got me looking at the tour wondering where I might travel to see you guys again……. Stay safe! Bob

    • Hey JV. I’ve seen you play many times with Bruce; dating back to a FOX
      show in Atlanta May 1996. You’re playing is awesome; you create amazing grooves.
      I’m a piano player/musician/singer/songwriter. My songs have been getting great responses from people in local music stores. John, the owner of Grand Strand Piano Center, told me one of my tracks was great and not to upload it to YT before publishing it.
      How can I contact you on a professional level?

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  2. As a Noisemakers fan living in Williamsburg, I’m just curious if you ever hang out and jam locally… (It would be great to listen and learn more often live)

    I’m also interested how high your action is set between your 5th and 12th frets. It looks EFFORTLESS. I’m always working hard to keep my pitch. Any tips?



    • Thanks for being a fan of what we try to do.. I do gigs around the city that I live in, which is Van Nuys California. I really enjoy playing, and I find that doing local gigs help me keep my chops and personal master song list up to date.

      I like the action on my basses very low. I read an interview by Marcus Miller, where he leaves a little rattle noise on his open E string.. I tried it, and it felt good to me.. As for pitch, I find using headphones to practice on my fretless helps. And practice slow, It helps for me to do things over and over very slow.. This allows me to see and hear the problem areas.

      I hope this helps, thanks for writing.

  3. What’s happening to The Brotherhood. Will there ever be a release??

  4. Hi JV,

    Writing you up from the sunny old south of England… Came across your playing from the BH & noisemakers album and would literally just like to say a huge thankyou! Your playing has really inspired me to keep on expanding as a bass player and I sincerely hope that our paths will cross one day so i can thankyou in person. Wishing you a great rest of the year! Peace. – H x

  5. Hi J.V.,

    I caught your show with Greg Adams and East Bay Soul tonight at Spagettini’s.

    Your solo was very impressive! You had a style and technique I’d never seen before! Thanks for expanding my musical world!

  6. Just curious as to which bass was used on most of the “Here Come the Noisemakers” recordings. The one with the bright throaty mids, that seems to cut through on every song.


  7. Well, unfortunately all good things must come to an end sometimes. I’m not counting out a reformation, but still… I am moving to Denver, and plan on getting over to Cali to see my grandparents soon. Hit me up. I also could use a sentence or two if you could recommend me as a live and studio bass talent. Let me know man, it would mean a lot to me!

    Joseph Plante

  8. This is Joseph Plante bassist from The Brew BTW! Didn’t mention that! Hope you got the three CD project I sent!


  9. Hey J. V.,
    Been working in Burbank the last couple days at the Alex Theater. Should have looked you up sooner. I’ll be back through again. Hope all is well.
    p.s. couldn’t find you on FB.

  10. Miss you! Been far too long since last we moved air together.
    Hope all is well with you and yours. Until our next meeting,
    Lotsa love from up north!


  11. Please, pesale, pesale bring this back. This was the only reason I would get up so early and get a great start to my day. This helped me cope when my children were babies and had colic. Experienced many hours of crying children and this gave a me a peaceful mind. I agree with the others, if you can’t bring back pesale put on dvd.Please!

  12. Hey JV!

    I don’t have your number! It’s Gentry’s birthday tonight and I’m throwing him a small surprise party at my parents at 7. Wanna come? I’m sorry it’s so last minute!! Xo! Email me back of you can!

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